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A safe step towards a cleaner future...

The transition to a more sustainable form of mobility is one of the largest challenges we currently face. The Ural Electric Project makes it possible to convert a traditional sidecar  to an EV (Electric Vehicle) without alterations to the frame. This way, the classical and timeless design is resqued and combined with the benefits of the future.  


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The Ural Electric can be driven in the city center of larger cities. Due to the electric propulsion system, the Ural Electric has no harmful emissions or noise pollution. 


The Ural Electric is perfect for longer distances over country roads. The range of more than 200 km on a full charge ensures that you can bridge larger distances.


Even unpaved roads are no problem for the Ural Electric. Since the frame has not been altered during the conversion, the Ural Electric is able to withstand the harshest conditions.

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