Adventurous, confident & old-school

Ural electric was originally founded in the early stages of World War II. As soon as 1941, imz-Ural was tasked with the challenge of aiding the military. The solution of a practical sidecar motorcycle turned out as much more than that. Motorcyclists all over the world have grown to love the practicality of a sidecar motorcycle with the endurance to travel off-road. Although the design has been optimised, the general look and design of the Ural CT is still based on that era.

Currently, the company is American-based and situated in Redmond, WA. All production and manufacturing happens in The Ural factory Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan.  

Driven by persistence, and determination,  it transformed into a brand that calls to the road less travelled, to exploration, to adventure! This Ural electric is based on the latest 2022 model.   

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